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Spiritual Response Therapy
SRT News - www.spiritualresponsetherapy.org.uk March 2010

Welcome to the March 2010 edition of the SRT News

Time was when time seemed to stretch endlessly into the distance. A week lasted a whole seven days and often one felt that time was dragging. Not so these days! Even the youngsters can't believe how quickly the days go by and for them, and their parents, it must seem as though they are perpetually on holiday.

So what is happening? Is time contracting? The short answer is no! Neale Donald Walsh puts it very eloquently in his book Home With God: "Time is. It is said that time 'marches on' but in fact time marches nowhere. It is you who march on, you who 'move through time', you who create the illusion of 'time passing' as you pass through the Only Moment There Is."

I believe that the vibrational rate of the Universe has increased so much that we are feeling the effects in many different ways. One of those ways of course is the appearance that time is slipping by faster and faster. Those in the Spiritual Realms are busy preparing us for our transition into the forthcoming energies of 2012 - a time of great spiritual illumination and awareness, a time, it is said, when our abilities to manifest will follow almost immediately upon our thoughts, when we will be able to read each other's minds so that there will be no room for lies and subterfuge, when Governments will be transparent and truly work for the benefit of the people, and when ultimately we will really begin to work towards peace on Earth.

We are very lucky to be working with SRT at this time. SRT helps to rid us of all the baser energies and gives us a real awareness of where our issues lay, the things we need to continue to work on as we strive for Oneness with SPIRIT. As we are ridding ourselves of fear, anger, hatred and greed and the very many other discordant negative energies, we are also increasing our vibrational rate, thus allowing our light bodies to vibrate faster and more in tune with the Universe. Perhaps then, we are really beginning to appreciate that we are spiritual beings residing within a physical body.

The whole process of SRT can be seen to be of huge benefit for Planet Earth and for all those who inhabit her, as well as those in the Spiritual Realms - for we are all ONE and what affects us affects everything else in the Universe. The removal of negative energies and their replacement with love and light (ie SPIRIT/God) has surely had a huge impact and has been a contributing factor in the increase in our vibratory rate. The more "bad" stuff that goes, the more room there is for the "good". Nature abhors a vacuum, so the negativity removed is immediately replaced with the energies of the Divine. No wonder then that we are feeling a little out of our comfort zone, as we resonate more with Love and less with Fear! It will be an interesting journey as we begin to fully integrate the totality of our Being - 30 bodies and 90 minds? I think we're going to be in a bit of a spin for a lot longer yet!

Every blessing, Linda Turner

Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.
John Archibald Wheeler

We are all visitors to this time, this place.We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love... and thenwe return home.
Australian Aboriginal Proverb

SRA Workshops

As far as I am aware the SRA is not planning to run any workshops in the UK this year. For those of you who need to do either Self-Mastery 1 or an Intensive Skills Class please refer to theSRA'sAscension newsletter for classes being run inEurope. If the SRA's plans change, I will let you know as soon as I can.

Practioner's Website - Blog

The blog is up and running and it now contains some interesting items. Please feel free to ask questions, share info, ask for help, give opinions and feedback, share success stories and tricky issues with other SRT Administrative jurisdiction will be in place - not to limit you - but to protect the website from others whose understanding is limited and who sometimes try to write unpleasant things in the guest books!

Book Review

Something a bit different. This is not a book of spiritual wisdom nor a manual for self-help but a novel.

The Gargoyle is Andrew Davidson's first book and it is a mixture of the slightly macabre, a lot of past lifetimes between the two major characters - a burns victim and a manic depressive / schizophrenic - plus a bit of romance. Yes, I know it sounds weird but it is great fun and can only be described as a "right riveting read". A must for anyone interested in SRT!

SRT Simply Explained

Using the analogy of simple computer terminology, Darreck Chen, an SRT Teacher in Malaysia has written a wonderful article about the concept of SRT. Find it on the practitioners' website: www.spiritualresponsetherapy.org.uk

Spiritual Restructuring Class

Come and learn Spiritual Restructuring - a way of working with the body to realign the skeletal and muscular systems - and so much more. Although basic knowledge of the body is useful, you do not need to have a qualification in anatomy and physiology to do this course! The course runs over six days - next course is planned for 16th-21st April in Maidstone, Kent.

A further coursewill take place in Limerick, Ireland over the weekends of 16th-18th and 23rd-25th July.

Open to both SRT basic and advance class students.

Full details from www.spiritualresponsetherapy.co.uk/news

Dictionary of Terms

Robert's long-awaited spiral-bound dictionary of SRT terms is now available. This is an absolute must for all SRT practitioners. It includes a full alphabetical list of terms clearly and simply described. You will learn much from reading it! Available direct from SRA $25 + $14 p&p. I still have a number of copies available, at reduced cost - for my students only - please email me.

FREE Website Listing

If you live in the UK or have been taught by a UK teacher, you can add your name to the list of practitioners for FREE!

Just go to www.spiritualresponsetherapy.org.uk and follow the link from the Practitioners' Area tab.

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