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July 2009

Welcome to the July 2009 edition of the SRT News

The SRA's Intensive Skills Class took place at the end of May and I am sure that I speak for everyone when I say what a wonderful event it was, how much we all enjoyed it and how much we all learned.

Intensive Skills Class May 09
Intensive Skills Class May 09

I used to be a little resistant to the thought of having to attend "yet another" Skills Class but of course however much we know (or think we know) there is still room for improvement! Although there was a lot of new information to take on board and new and quicker working practices to think about, the beauty of reviewing "old" information is that we look at it again from a different perspective or level of understanding.

When we do something for the very first time we can only take in so much. Repetition is key until we have learned that thing properly. When we revisit we may realise that our initial understanding was flawed or that we hadn't quite grasped all the nuances, so any opportunity to take another look from a different level of awareness is truly a great blessing. Reviewing information can also serve to emphasise just how much growth we may have made individually and just how much we have absorbed from our intial foray into a subject.

I have been teaching SRT for quite a few years, yet still I learn much from my students who bring a fresh perspective to the work and regularly draw attention to the gaps in my knowledge! Thank you - I am enormously grateful to all of you for your help and guidance.

Unlike many disciplines, SRT is not a modality which stays the same. It is ever-changing and ever-expanding bringing with it new levels of awareness. The Universe is in a constant state of change and growth. Since we are a part of that energy, we too are undergoing change. This doesn't always feel comfortable, especially if we try to hold on to what we have instead of going with the flow and allowing change to take place.

We may be extremely familiar with where we are or where we see ourselves but change comes marching on in and can upset our equilibrium. Yet we have to look beyond our discomfort to the lessons that we are bringing ourselves - and yes, we are the ones creating change in our lives! Krishnamurti wrote "when you learn about yourself from yourself, out of that learning wisdom comes".

As the vibrational rate of the planet increases, our spiritual awareness/level of consciousness is growing and our ability to manifest is happening much more quickly. Now is the time to eschew negative thoughts and ideas and concentrate on the positive, so let's all remember to "cancel, clear, delete and reboot" (thank you Jaime!) but also to express our thanks to the Divine for where we are and for the wonderful opportunities we have for our soul's growth here on the Earth plane.

Every blessing, Linda Turner

When a little bubble of joy appears in your sea of consciousness take hold of it and keep expanding it. Meditate on it and it will grow larger. Keep puffing at the bubble until it breaks its confining walls and becomes a sea of joy.


SRA - Mastering Abundance

Pamela Murray, SRA Minister and Board Member will be coming to the UK on 17th/18th October to teach this course which is designed to assist SRT practitioners to live in abundance in all its aspects and to help others to do the same.

Open to SRT basic and advance graduates, the course will also provide a structured three month group/mentor follow-up.

Cost: 245 (US$395) Venue: London/South East - t.b.a.

Email Linda for full details

Practioner's Website - Blog

The blog is up and running, so please ask questions, share information, ask for others' help, give opinions and feedback, share success stories and tricky issues with other SRT practitioners.

Administrative jurisdiction will be in place - not to limit you - but to protect the website from others whose understanding is limited and who sometimes try to write unpleasant things in the guest books!

Book Review

I highly recommend Dr Judith Orloff's book "Emotional Freedom". Based on her own life and her experiences as an Energy Psychiatrist, she takes a a deep, insightful and nontechnical look at emotional patterning and gives proven techniques which can help transform the effects of fear, anger, jealousy, anxiety, depression, etc. It is easy to read and offers much both to those seeking to overcome self-sabotaging emotions and to those who want to understand more about what makes us tick.

Dictionary of Terms

Robert's long-awaited spiral-bound dictionary of SRT terms is now available. This is an absolute must for all SRT practitioners. It includes a full alphabetical list of terms clearly and simply described. You will learn much from reading it! Available direct from SRA $25 + $14 p&p.

FREE Website Listing

If you live in the UK or have been taught by a UK teacher, you can add your name to the list of practitioners for FREE!

Just go to www.spiritualresponsetherapy.org.uk and follow the link from the Practitioners' Area tab.

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