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Susan Fairley, April 2015

Quite energetically "sparky" out there this year isn't it? So, what's new – maybe not new - actually a bit more than that, eh? 

The old chestnuts seem to be coming back and:

·       night sweats

·       palpitations

·       lethargy

·       body pains

·       anger

·       depression 

are all fairly high on the list.

We are none of us immune are we? It is at times like this that I am reminded of the late Vicky Wall's advice (creator of Aura-Soma), “keep trimming your wicks!" - which seems to say it all.

In no particular order, here are a few suggestions to dowse over and clear:

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Accessing Angelic Consciousness, Amanda Roberts

Angelic consciousness is becoming more accessible to us as our vibrational energy and general human consciousness moves higher towards December 2012. This is now the era of the angels and they can assist us to move closer to realising our divine, creative nature within our whole being. Angelic consciousness can lead us to understanding the concept of Oneness with our heart and soul. When we truly understand this we realise that angelic consciousness is not some external, outside force but that it can be accessed from deep within us. We are microcosms of the macrocosm of all that there is, including angels.

Angels are frequently considered as other worldly, mythological light beings that belong to the three main monolithic religions i.e. Christianity, Judaism and Islam. They are found within art, literature, architecture, geography and cinema which mean they have had a powerful influence in both the East and the West for centuries. Many people however, dismiss them as being anything other than an influential spiritual and religious ‘fairytale’ – something to bring comfort to those not strong enough to cope with life.

They appear to be far removed from our physical, solid reality with their wings, luminous quality and totally loving presence. There are however many reports of people meeting angels and of being assisted by them in times of need. Angels are light beings of a high vibration which are as close to Creator as can be without being Creator in total pure essence. Creator can be read as God or Source, whichever you are more comfortable with. Angels are therefore perceived by most of us as beings of light who are external to us and who may assist us if we ask them for help.

There is a common misconception that angels will not assist you unless you ask for their help due to us having free will. Angels will and frequently do assist without us asking but we have the free will to ignore their promptings and guidance. They are very clear about this to me. This is a different perception and one which makes more sense if you look at the history of angel interventions and visitations. For example Mary did not ask Archangel Gabriel to come down and inform her she had been chosen to have Jesus, the son of God. On a more modern note, guardian angels have been known to intervene in suicides – the person who is about to commit suicide is not generally asking angels for help.

Angels assist us in five areas of our life which are healing, protection, guidance, support and ‘Ascension’. Angels are traditionally known as ‘messengers of God’. They act as a high level conduit to assist you to be closer to Creator so you can start to experience who you truly are and what you are capable of, as a spiritual being living experientially in a physical body.

Every person without exception has two guardian angels. It is irrelevant what deeds they have done, whether the person believes in angels or not – they still have them. Our guardian angels hold the blueprint for our life and need us to work with them for their growth and ascension as well as for ours. If we work with them it will assist our development, help us to understand our soul purpose, expand our heart energy and assist us to reach unity consciousness. Due to angels close proximity to Creator – the closest any being can be, accessing their consciousness is one way towards raising your vibrational awareness.

Angels see only the perfection that exists within you, your divinity, your creative potential – they have no judgement, criticisms, beliefs about what you can and cannot achieve. The duality consciousness within our world of right/wrong, good/evil, you/me does not exist to them. They transcend this and we can learn to as well by aiming for unity consciousness. Unity consciousness (Oneness) in a nutshell is about ‘we or us’ not ‘you or them’.

Oneness as a concept is difficult for many people to comprehend, especially in practical reality as against intellect – the last being a lot easier. It is easy to perceive ourselves as separate from our environment, our belongings, our partner, family, the local homeless person etc; Oneness or unity consciousness encompasses all of this and more as it includes all that there is in the universe that exists that we know of, and that we don’t know of. If all that is was an ocean, we would be an atom within a drop of water. (We would be a lot smaller but it is an easy analogy to understand). Every atom within the ocean is necessary for it to work as a whole. One does not imagine drops of water within the ocean deciding they want to go off and do their own thing – to be separate from the ocean. Separation is the root of all our suffering; that is our perception of separation from Creator/God and others who are around us. 11 November, 2011 (11/11/11) was when a portal opened to unity consciousness for us to access and December 2012 is when we should aim to have moved to this. Presently many people are having a great many challenges as their vibration rises. These challenges frequently throw up our shadow side, the side of us we do not like, which is often not so pleasant; but now we can look at it squarely, calmly and without judgement like the angels do. If we do this we realise these challenges are a gift for us to release negative aspects of ourselves and to raise our consciousness and awareness.

When we come from oneness we are living our life in the moment, from a neutral central point, we are being, as against being lost in our stories. By stories I mean staying with past events, or thinking about the future constantly as worriers tend to do; or coming from that place of ‘you did this to me and therefore I am ...’. This could be victim, warrior or one of many archetypes. I am by no means claiming I come from this place all the time or even a great majority of the time but like many of you I am striving for it.

December 2012 is not going to be one moment where everyone has an epiphany – like birthday’s you don’t suddenly feel different turning 38 to 39. There will be a sliding scale of awareness and nothing to fear as this shift is vibrational as against ‘the end of the world’.

Through communicating with your guardian angel, the archangels and other angels, such as healing angels, you will find this shift in consciousness and awareness easier as they are part of unity consciousness/oneness. They are therefore a part of you even if they have never lived a physical existence. To connect with them you can go inwards to go outwards. They come with love, joy and peace, and do not know any other way to communicate with you. Angel channelling’s are far more frequent now as earth’s and our vibrations rise. Our challenge is to work with this new energy, which promises the possibility one day of unity consciousness becoming common in the world in which we live, and which we need to reach if world peace is ever going to become a reality. Accessing angelic consciousness is one way for us to achieve this.

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