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This site offers good, clear information for anyone seeking Spiritual Response Therapy.


It incorporates a "Find a Practitioner" page, so that you will easily be able to locate a practitioner near to you, read a little about them and make contact with them directly through their email.


Linda Turner
Website Administrator

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"SRT makes sense of everything I have felt was naturally right, since I was a tiny child.Thank you Linda. "

Mary-Bernadette Johnson

"Just wanted to say what a wonderful three days and a big thank you to Linda for some excellent teaching and high quality and thorough teaching packs. Between the basic and advanced course I was offered a new job and feel sure that SRT contributed to that. Plus, on a less material level, I truly feel like I've been profoundly connected to Spirit. Amazing! There is no doubt in my mind that SRT can take us uniquely into 2012 and beyond. love Sue "

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